Can Solar Power an Irrigation System?

Solar panels can power any equipment that runs on electricity, including irrigation systems. If you run a cannabis farm or growing operation in the Emerald Triangle, a solar powered-irrigation system is an excellent investment. Solar panels will give you the consistently reliable power you need to run your irrigation systems while freeing you from the expense of grid-generated electricity. 

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Why Use a Solar Irrigation System for Farming? 

Installing a commercial solar system at your cannabis farm has a lot of benefits that you don’t want to miss out on. 

Save on Electricity Costs 

Whether you’re a small grow operation or a massive farm, electricity is likely one of your biggest expenses. It takes a lot of energy to power grow rooms, irrigation systems, and everything else needed to run your farm. Solar panels can generate all the electricity you need, and you won’t have to pay for any of the electricity they produce. With commercial solar panels for your cannabis farm, you’ll be able to cut down your operating expenses significantly. 

Bring Power to a Remote Location 

If you don’t have grid access already, you want solar for your cannabis farm. PG&E is charging $100,000 per quarter mile for electrical wires. You can install a microgrid or off-grid solar for your cannabis farm without spending that kind of money, and you’ll own the power you generate. 

Get Reliable Power 

If you are connected to the grid, you’ve probably noticed how spotty and unstable it can be. Unexpected (and even planned) outages are a huge problem that can shut down your irrigation system and impact your crop. With solar, you’ll have access to reliable energy that isn’t affected by grid outages. 

Get Tax Breaks 

Did you know cannabis farms are eligible for the solar tax credit? The federal solar tax credit reduces your businesses federal tax liability by 30% of your total solar installation costs. It covers solar panels, solar batteries, off-grid solar, and microgrids, and can help you save thousands of dollars on solar for your cannabis farm. 

Ready to Add Solar to Your Operation? 

Six Rivers Solar is the North Coast’s leader in renewable energy with decades of experience operating in the area. We specialize in custom off-grid and battery storage systems and can get you all the power you need to run your irrigation system, lights, grow rooms, and more. 

We install solar panel systems throughout the Emerald Triangle and are the go-to commercial solar company for cannabis farms. Our team is 100% local, knows the area well, and will stay out of your crew’s way while installing your system. We can even work around your harvesting schedule to keep disruption to an absolute minimum. Give us a call if you have questions—we are always here to help.

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