Can Solar Panels Power a Grow Room?

If you run a cannabis farm, you know how much electricity it takes to power a grow room. Utility bills are a major expense for cannabis growers, and electricity isn’t getting any cheaper. 

Imagine if you could power your grow rooms without having to spend a fortune on energy bills. Your operating expenses would drop significantly and your profitability would go up. 

It may sound like a pipe dream, but it’s not. Solar panels allow you to generate free electricity, and you can use that electricity to run a solar powered grow tent or grow room. Six Rivers Solar specializes in solar for cannabis farms and we can help you run your grow lights off of solar panels.

Why Run Your Grow Lights with Solar Panels?

Using commercial solar for your farm has a lot of benefits that will help your business grow. With solar power on your side, you can:

Lower Your Expenses 

Installing a commercial solar system for your cannabis farm will save you money! Commercial solar panels generate free electricity using power from the sun, greatly reducing the amount of power you have to buy from a utility company. With solar panels and batteries, you can significantly reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills altogether. 

Avoid Power Outages 

When you rely on the grid, you’re sure to run into the occasional outage. With solar panels and battery storage, you can keep your solar system running during a power outage so your plants never have to go without light—meaning less risk of stunted growth and a better crop overall. 

Stay Away from Fossil Fuel 

Want to grow greener? Solar is the way to do it! With solar for your cannabis farm, you can cut your carbon footprint and help protect the environment here in the Emerald Triangle for generations to come. 

Bring Power to a Remote Farm 

Remote growing locations don’t always have grid access, and bringing power lines out to your farm can be extremely expensive. Investing in an off-grid solar installation or solar microgrid installation for your cannabis farm is much more affordable than having the utility install new power lines, and you won’t have to pay for the electricity your solar system generates.

Types of Solar Energy Systems for Grow Rooms

Six Rivers Solar installs all kinds of commercial solar systems and we can help you find the right fit for your farm. We offer: 

Get Commercial Solar for Your Cannabis Farm

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