Solar Maintenance

Solar panels offer 25+ years of free electricity, giving homeowners and businesses energy independence and significant savings. While solar energy systems are relatively low maintenance, the occasional service visit can help optimize performance and keep them operating at peak production for as long as possible. 

Six Rivers Solar is a leader in North Coast solar and offers premium solar maintenance services with over 40 years of experience. If you’re having trouble with your solar panels or solar battery storage, reach out to our team for expert inspection, troubleshooting, and maintenance today.  

Why Get Solar Maintenance?

  • Maximize Efficiency – Regular maintenance ensures that your solar panels are operating at their highest efficiency. Clean panels with no obstructions can produce more electricity, translating to greater production and more savings.
  • Prolong System Lifespan – By identifying and addressing minor issues before they become major problems, routine maintenance helps prolong the lifespan of your solar energy system. 
  • Protect Your Investment – Solar panels are a significant investment and maintenance helps protect your system by keeping it in top condition, ensuring you get the most out of solar energy.
  • Safety Assurance – Routine inspections and maintenance help ensure that your solar system is operating safely. Our technicians check for any potential hazards, such as loose wiring or damaged panels, to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of your property.

Expert Solar Maintenance in Humboldt & Del Norte Counties 

Six Rivers Solar offers full-service solar maintenance throughout the North Coast on residential, commercial, and off-grid solar energy and battery storage systems. Our maintenance services include:

Solar Inspection

Our comprehensive inspections include checking for any signs of wear and tear, secure connections, and system operation. We’ll also inspect the mounting hardware and structural integrity of your system to ensure the panels are securely attached and free from damage.


If your solar energy production has decreased, our expert technicians will diagnose the problem and recommend solutions. We utilize advanced diagnostic tools to pinpoint issues quickly and accurately, minimizing downtime and ensuring your system gets back to optimal performance.

Panel Replacement

If any of your panels are damaged or underperforming, we can provide panel replacements that seamlessly integrate with your existing system. Our technicians will ensure the new panels are correctly installed and restore your system to full efficiency. 

Tips for Solar Panel Cleaning

Over time, your solar panels will accumulate debris that can have an impact on their performance, like dirt, bird droppings, or leaves. We recommend keeping your panels as clean as possible. 

  • If you’re able to safely access your roof, we recommend using a soft washcloth and Dawn dish soap. Make sure to not put any weight on your panels or use anything abrasive, like brushes, because the panels can easily scratch and lose efficiency.  
  • If you’re unable to get on your roof, you can spray your solar panels with a hose from the ground. Be sure to use low-pressure streams and avoid using a pressure washer, the hose should simulate a healthy rain.

Maximize Your Solar Production with Six Rivers Solar 

We’ve been helping Humboldt and Del Norte County homeowners and businesses with their renewable energy needs since 1980 and have built a reputation for providing reliable solar services that locals trust. We understand the specific needs of our service area and will find a solution for any issues you may be experiencing with your solar energy system.

Schedule solar maintenance for your panels today. Call 707-443-5652 or contact us online to get started.

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