Why Your Electric Bill Is So High & What You Can Do About It

Are you stressed out every month when your electric bill comes in? Unfortunately, this is a truth for many homeowners on the North Coast. There are several factors that can contribute to high energy bills, but in any scenario, installing residential solar panels and battery storage can help make the cost of electricity more affordable. Keep reading to learn how solar panels can help you save money on your electric bill.

What’s Increasing Your Electric Bill?

While the best way to discover why your energy bills are so high is with an in-depth look at your usage and appliances, here are a few common culprits we’ve seen in the Humboldt and Del Norte County areas. 

In addition to these tips, the Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA) is a great resource for Humboldt County homeowners looking to decrease their energy usage. They offer generous rebates on energy-saving appliances as well as make electricity more affordable for residents and businesses in the area with their Community Choice Energy (CCE) Program.

You Have Outdated Appliances

As your home’s equipment ages, it becomes less efficient, which can cause an increase in the amount of electricity it needs to operate. In addition, many older appliances weren’t built to the same efficiency standards we have today and could be draining your home’s electricity. Upgrading your heating and cooling system, water heater, refrigerator, dryer, and other appliances with ENERGY STAR-certified products can provide significant energy savings.

Your Appliances Aren’t Being Used Efficiently

Many of the appliances found in your home will continue to use electricity when they’re plugged in, regardless of if you’re using them or not. The Department of Energy reports that it can add up to 10% of your home’s energy usage! An easy way to combat this is to use power strips so you can turn your appliances off completely when you aren’t using them.

Your Rates Have Increased

Unfortunately, electricity rates have been on the rise in California. Even without increasing your energy usage, your bills are probably higher than they’ve ever been before. While taking a look at how you use energy in your home can help you find ways to save, generating your own power with solar panels is the most effective and long-term solution. 

How to Lower Your Electric Bill With Solar

Installing solar panels for your home allows you to generate electricity by harnessing the power of the sun. This renewable energy source gives you the opportunity to get free electricity for your home, in turn decreasing—or in some cases eliminating—your electric bill. While the upfront installation of solar comes at a cost, the savings it can provide make it well worth the investment. 

Some of the benefits of solar installation include:

  • Stable electricity cost – With solar panels, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll need to budget for electricity without worrying about extra expenses. And, you won’t have to worry about price hikes and rate increases. 
  • Increased home value – Home buyers are more likely to pay more for homes with solar panels than those without.
  • Environmental impact – Solar energy is a renewable source that is better and safer than energy that comes from fossil fuels.

Adding battery storage to your residential solar system helps you maximize its benefits. Battery storage has become increasingly important in California as the net metering policies have changed. Solar battery backup allows you to get the most of out your solar system by providing benefits such as:

  • Blackout protection – All grid-tied solar systems will automatically shut down in the event of a power outage, but battery storage allows you to keep your home’s electricity on. 
  • Energy independence – Solar batteries reduce your reliance on the grid and your utility provider. 
  • NEM 3.0 savings – With battery storage, you’ll be able to store your excess electricity to use during on-peak hours when rates are the highest.

Start Saving With Solar Today!

Six Rivers Solar has been the North Coast’s leader in renewable energy for over 40 years. Whether you’re looking to install a residential solar system, go off-grid with solar, or add battery storage, our team of experts can help. We can help you take advantage of solar incentives and offer flexible financing options so you can maximize your savings and get your solar payback as soon as possible. 

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