What Is a Solar Microgrid?

The world’s power needs are constantly increasing, which puts strain on the electric grid and can lead to unreliable power access and frequent outages—especially in remote locations. Microgrids are a potential solution to this growing problem. 

A microgrid system is an independent source of electricity production and distribution that serves a small area. They typically rely on renewable energy sources, like solar, geothermal, and wind. Solar microgrids rely exclusively on solar energy for power production. 

Microgrids provide an alternative to traditional means of electricity production that is more localized, sustainable, reliable, and affordable. 

How Do Solar Microgrids Work? 

Solar microgrids work similarly to the main power grid. They produce, store, and distribute electricity within a designated area. But instead of burning fossil fuel to produce electricity the way the main grid does, they only use solar power. They also serve a much smaller area. The main power grid serves entire cities, but microgrids are designed to produce power for just one area or community.

In a solar microgrid, a large array of solar panels and batteries is installed in a central location. Power is generated and stored at this hub and distributed to its network via electrical wires. Solar microgrids can be connected to the main power grid, but they usually are not. Instead, they work like an off-grid solar system, producing and distributing electricity without any help from the grid. 

What Can You Power with a Solar Microgrid? 

Anything that uses electricity can be powered by a solar microgrid. Because they don’t need a grid connection, microgrids are a great way to bring power to a remote location without spending a fortune installing utility-owned power lines. They are also ideal for areas that experience frequent grid instability. 

Six Rivers Solar installs: 

  • Solar microgrids for cannabis farms 
  • Solar microgrids for agriculture 
  • Home solar microgrids 

If you own a cannabis farm, being at the whim of the main power grid can be detrimental to your crops! A microgrid gives you full control over your own power production and helps you avoid problems like spotty power access and blackouts. With a microgrid, you’ll have reliable solar power for your grow lights, grow rooms, irrigation systems, and more. Learn more about solar for cannabis growers here

Solar Microgrid Installation in the Emerald Triangle 

Six Rivers Solar is a locally owned and operated solar company that is very familiar with the Emerald Triangle and surrounding areas. We know the region’s complexities well and are the go-to company for solar cannabis farmers. If you’re interested in solar microgrid installation for a farm, home, or community on the North Coast, give us a call. We specialize in custom off-grid, microgrid, and battery storage design!

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