Residential solar

Chose from 6 options for Residential Systems:


Straight line tie PV system without batteries that "spins your meter backward" when the sun shines to cancel out the power that you use any time. This is the least expensive system.


At the end of the year, the utility company will charge you for what you use less the power sent back from solar generation. If you generate more power from solar during the yearly "true up", you will receive a check from the utility.


The most popular option because it uses new technology lithium ion batteries as a protection from power outages.


PG&E has to shut the power off when there is low humidity and high winds to prevent its equipment from starting a wild fire. These events trigger a mandatory PSPS (Public Safety Power Shut-Off) which last a minimum of 48 hours, possibly much longer. The number and duration of these events are unpredictable and could vary from inconvenient to life threatening.



This is a straight line tie system for people who want to consider batteries in the future. We recommend purchasing the Generac system without the batteries. This option costs a bit more than the line tie system, but makes the decision to include batteries or not.

We find that power outage protection can be more important than the monetary savings from solar only. Some people figure this out after they experience multiple safety power shut-downs.

We mostly install full battery systems, but also a fair number of battery ready systems. Less straight line tie systems aspower shut downs become more frequent.


Battery upgrade

If you purchase Option #3 and you decide it's time for batteries you will purchase the battery upgrade.


Many of our early customers did not have the option of outage protection with Lithium ion batteries.


They have the same solar panels (less optimizers) saving them as much money as a battery system. They also have the power plug that works during the day.

Adding battery storage requires a new hybrid inverter and a string of new compatible lithium ion batteries.

We encourage installing the Sol-Ark upgrade to existing solar panels for the least costly option for adding batteries to an existing tie line system.


For those who want a choice other than the Generac Package, we offer our robust Sol-Ark Inverter with Fortress batteries.

This system is used for our off grid market, and for on grid applications as well.

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