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Off-Grid Solar

 Off-Grid Solar  solutions use batteries to store energy for when the sun isn't out.

What Sized off-Grid System is Right for You?
That depends on how much power you use.  Let's find out.
Then we can tailor a Smaller Solution or a Larger System to suit.
Here are various ways to determine your energy Needs:
Method #1 Report Your Actual PG&E Energy Usage

PG&E offers a free reporting service to all customers.

The easiest thing to do is send us your PG&E username and password and we will fetch your report.

Use the form below to send your PG&E info confidentially to Six Rivers Solar

Method #2 Fetch the PG&E Report Yourself



1.You will need to download your electricity usage and associated costs from PG&E website. If you haven't already set up an on-line account with PG&E, you will need to do so by going to pge.com, and clicking on the Your Account Sign-in “Register” link from within the dialogue box. You will need your PG&E account information from one of your bills to complete the registration.



2. Once registered and logged in, you should be on the “Overview” page. Under the dialog box that is titled “Usage, Rates and Savings”  you will see “Energy Usage and Details” . Click on that box.



3.Once on the “Energy Usage and Details” , page click on the “Energy Usage” button. A monthly usage histograph will appear. Make sure that “Electricity” is selected at the top of the graph for

“Fuel Type”, and make sure that a full years worth of history is selected for the usage period-also at the top of the graph.


4.Once the graph is displaying your electricity consumption (measured in kWh) summarized by month for a full year, click on the green button on the bottom right hand side of page that says

 “download my data” . A dialogue box will appear requesting that you verify the data type, and a         

 period for the download. You should be able to just click the “Export” button, but make

 whatever adjustments are required to download a full years worth of electricity use.


5. You should receive the download in comma delimited text file format. You can then convert the text data into a spreadsheet format before e-mailing, or email the text file directly to: megansixriverssolar.com.

Please put in the subject line of your email “Solar Analysis Request” followed by the address for the residence/business associated with the data. We will respond with a complete savings analysis and explanation-usually within 72 hours.

Examples of the types of analysis we provide you in your complimentary report:

Method #3 Estimate Your Energy Usage


find the daily watts to operate an electric kettle.

1. Estimate of time used: The kettle is used several times per day, for about 1 total hour.

2. Wattage: The wattage is on the label and is listed at 1500 W.

3. Daily energy consumption:
(1,500 W × 1) ÷ 1,000 = 1.5 kWh

Use the worksheet below to make a rough estimate.

Then Contact Six Rivers Solar with your estimate.

Here is a helpful table of energy usage by appliance

Off-Grid Solar Examples

Case Study: off-Grid System - Penny & Stephen Fradenberg

- Schneider Conext XW inverter

- Schneider Conext MMP charge controller

- (16) EcoSolargy 260 W panels

- (8) Trojan L16RE-B batteries with hydro caps and desulphator

- SnapNRack for ground-mount system

Case Study off-Grid: Harold, Trinity Co.

- 20 kW system with 15 kWh battery

- (62) Solargy 320 W PV panels

- (4) Schneider Conext 4.5 kW inverters

- (4) Schneider Conext MPPT controllers

- (16) J200-RE Trojan batteries

- SnapNRack roof mounted system