How to Power Your CPAP Machine in a Power Outage

Skipping your CPAP therapy, even for one night, can have a serious impact on your health and well-being. But if the power goes out, you may have no choice—unless you have reliable backup power. 

Solar panels and battery storage provide consistent, reliable backup power and are a must-have for power outages. With solar panels and battery backup, you’ll be able to keep your CPAP machine, and other essentials like your lights and refrigerator, running for hours. 

Solar Battery Backup Is Your First Line of Defense 

Residential solar panels work by generating electricity for your home. In a solar panel and battery system, the excess power your panels generate is stored in the battery for later use. You can use your stored energy at any time, even during a power outage. 

Their ability to provide power during an outage is what makes solar panel and battery systems different from solar-only systems. In a grid-tied solar-only system, your solar panels will automatically turn off anytime the grid is down. Solar batteries allow your system to disconnect from the grid during an outage and operate in what’s called “island mode” until the grid comes back. 

Battery Storage Keeps All Your Essentials Running 

There are standalone battery banks for CPAP machines, which are a good option for many people. However, these power banks have two major drawbacks. 

First, you have to remember to charge them. And, if the battery dies while the power is out, you will have no way to recharge it. Solar batteries, on the other hand, charge automatically anytime the sun is shining.

Second, they can only power your CPAP machine. If you have other medical necessities, like refrigerated medication, a portable CPAP battery won’t help. Solar batteries can be used to keep all of your essentials, or even your whole home, running during a power outage. With solar battery backup power for your CPAP machine, you can also get backup power for your lights, wi-fi router, refrigerator, and more. 

Choosing the Best Solar Power Battery for Your CPAP Machine 

The best solar battery storage system for your home depends primarily on how much backup power you want to have. The more power you want, the more storage you’ll need. 

Six Rivers Solar specializes in custom solar battery systems and can help you find the best battery backup for your home medical equipment. We will make sure you have all the energy storage you need for your CPAP machine and other essentials, and ensure you are always protected in the event of a power outage. We can also help you save 30% on your installation costs with the federal solar tax credit—learn more about financing and incentives

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