How Many Solar Panels Do You Need to Run a House Off-Grid?

Off-grid solar panels are not connected to the main electric grid, which means sizing is crucial when installing an off-grid solar system. If you don’t install enough solar panels, you won’t have enough power to run your home. 

So how many solar panels do you need to run a house off-grid? 

The answer is complicated. It depends on where your home is located, how much electricity you use, and what type of solar panels you install.

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Sizing an Off-Grid Solar Panel System 

Six Rivers Solar has been the North Coast’s leader in renewable energy since 1980. We specialize in off-grid solar system design and have spent many years installing off-grid solar energy systems. We’ve learned that, while every home is different, system size is always determined by the same factors. 

  • Location – Your home’s location determines how much sunlight you have access to and, therefore, how much solar power you can generate. If you live in a sunny area, you will be able to generate more electricity with fewer panels. If you’re in the forest and surrounded by shade, you’re going to need more solar panels to produce the same amount of power. 
  • Electricity Usage – The more electricity you use, the more electricity you need to generate—it’s that simple. It takes a lot more power to run a big house than a small cabin off the grid. 
  • Solar Panel Type – Some solar panels are more efficient than others, which means they will produce more electricity given the same amount of sunlight. Higher-quality solar panels tend to have higher efficiency ratings and, while more expensive, will produce more electricity so you can install fewer panels. 

Free Sizing Calculator for Off-Grid Solar 

Our off-grid solar sizing calculator makes it easy to find out how many solar panels you need to run your house off the grid. Just enter some basic information about the types of appliances you have in your home and how often you use them and we’ll do the math for you. Our off-grid solar sizing calculator is a fast and easy way to estimate your off-grid solar panel needs! 

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The Importance of Battery Storage & Backup Power 

Don’t forget about battery storage when you’re sizing your off-grid solar system! 

Off-grid solar panels are not connected to the electric grid, which means you won’t be able to rely on the grid for power at night or on a stormy day when your solar panels can’t produce electricity. To make sure you have power at all times, you need an energy storage system. 

There are two main options for backup power when living off the grid: 

  • Solar battery – Batteries store the excess energy your solar panels generate during the day. 
  • Generator – Generators use a traditional fuel source like gas or propane to produce electricity for your home. 

In most cases, it makes sense to have at least one battery if you’re living off the grid with solar. With a solar battery, you can use free energy from the sun to produce backup power, which is not only more affordable and accessible than relying on a fuel source like natural gas, but it’s also better for the environment. 

Off-Grid Solar Panel Installation on the North Coast 

Six Rivers Solar has been the North Coast’s leader in renewable energy since 1980. We have been a part of California’s transition to solar energy since the beginning and are passionate about helping homeowners take full control of their own electricity needs. We specialize in off-grid solar panel and battery design for homes of all sizes and will design a system that’s tailored to your specific home and needs. 

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