I’m going to start building my house and I want solar. Help!

We would love to help! We will need a few things in order to get started:

  • Your home’s plans (structural information, as well as electrical information)
  • Your Title 24 report
  • An estimate of previous usage
  • Your home’s new address/APN

1) Electrical and structural information will be found within the plans you’ve received from your builder/architect. Both digital and physical plans are acceptable. If you only have one set of physical plans, we are happy to scan them in office, if we’re able.

2) Title 24 is the mandate that all newly constructed single-family homes and low-rise (under three stories) multifamily install solar according to a minimum acceptable number that is determined by the California Energy Commission. This estimate is based on a variety of factors, such as your home’s size, insulation, windows, etc. Not all T24 reports will include solar, so if you already have the T24, please make sure that the solar/photovoltaic calculations are included. If you do not have your T24 report, we recommend Abbay Technical Services in Arcata, 707-826-1433.

3) This is not required, but it is helpful, especially if you would like to go larger than your minimum T24 requirements.

4) This is necessary for jurisdiction reasons, as different jurisdictions require different things when submitting solar permits, particularly Humboldt County, who will require a signature between yourself (homeowner) and your installer.