Can I Install Solar on My Mobile or Prefab Home?

There are a lot of benefits to living in a mobile or prefabricated home, but unfortunately, installing rooftop solar panels is not one of them. Due to the structural stability of these types of homes and complicated permitting requirements, you can not put solar panels on your mobile home. If you have enough space for a ground-mounted solar system on your property, however, you might be able to go solar living in a prefab or mobile home.

Why Can’t You Install Rooftop Solar Panels on a Mobile Home? 

There are two main reasons why rooftop solar panels are not an option for most mobile and prefabricated homes in California: 

  1. Structural Stability: Because of the way they are built, mobile homes do not typically have the foundational support or roof strength to withstand the weight of a PV system. 
  2. Permitting: Rooftop solar permitting for mobile homes is a lengthy and complicated process that does not always result in a permit. In many cases, building code prevents mobile homeowners from installing rooftop solar. 

Ground-Mounted Solar Panels are an Option for Mobile Homes  

If you have your heart set on solar but you live in a mobile home, there is another option—ground-mounted solar panels. These are the best solar panels for mobile homes because they are not installed on the roof and do not rely on the home’s structure for support. You will need a decent amount of open yard space available if you want to install ground-mounted solar panels for your home, but if you have the space, they are a great option. 

Other Ways to Save on Energy Costs at Your Mobile Home 

Even if you can’t install solar panels, there are other ways to save money on energy costs at your mobile home. Improving your manufactured home’s energy efficiency will help reduce energy loss, leading to lower bills. Some of the best ways to improve your mobile home’s energy efficiency include: 

  • Having your HVAC equipment tuned-up 
  • Sealing your ducts 
  • Installing energy efficient windows and doors
  • Sealing air leaks with caulk and/or spray foam 
  • Adding insulation to the walls 
  • Installing a belly wrap 
  • Installing insulated skirting 

There are also many simple, cost-effective ways to save energy at your mobile home. Replacing old light bulbs with LED bulbs, using energy-saving power strips, and hanging insulated window coverings can all help reduce energy usage and save you money. 

Learn More About Solar Installation on the North Coast 

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