young person, sleeping with cpap machine.

How to Power Your CPAP Machine in a Power Outage

Skipping your CPAP therapy, even for one night, can have a serious impact on your health and well-being. But if the power goes out, you may have no choice—unless you have reliable backup power.  Solar panels and battery storage provide consistent, reliable backup power and are a must-have for power outages. With solar panels and …

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Stair lift in home for use by disabled persons

The Best Battery Backup for Home Medical Equipment

Power outages have become the norm here in California as severe weather impacts the grid. For many people, a brief power outage is an annoyance that can leave you bored and a little uncomfortable. But if you rely on plug-in medical equipment or refrigerated medication, a power outage of any length is extremely dangerous.  If …

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solar panels producing clean energy on a roof of a residential house during sunset

Do You Really Save Money with Solar Panels?

As inflation worsens and energy costs rise, many homeowners are turning to solar panels as a way to rein in their expenses. If you’ve seen solar panels pop up on roofs in your neighborhood, you may be wondering whether you should install solar panels, too. But before you take the leap, there’s likely one big …

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lightning strikes in the darkness

Why Solar Battery Backup Is a Must-Have for Home Power Outages

As severe weather becomes the norm in California, power outages are becoming increasingly common. Creating an electricity back up plan for PSPS events and unexpected blackouts will help your family stay safe, calm, and comfortable the next time the power goes out.  A solar panel and battery system is one of the best options if …

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off grid home with solar

Is Off-Grid Solar Legal in California?

Going off the grid with solar panels is an exciting prospect that will free you from your utility company and put you in full control of your own power production. But is it legal to install an off-grid solar system in California?  The answer is yes—it is fully legal to install off-grid solar panels in …

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Aerial view of a house with roof solar cells, autumn forest background - drone shot

What Do You Need to Go Off-Grid with Solar?

Living off the grid is an exciting prospect for those of us who value self-sufficiency and independence. But off-grid living is also a challenge. To do it successfully, you need access to a number of resources, including your own power supply.  Off-grid solar panels are the best option for producing your own electricity. With an …

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solar batteries on wall outside house

Can You Add Battery Backup to an Existing Solar System?

Solar batteries have many benefits for California homeowners. They allow you to keep your solar panels on during a power outage and give you backup power. Solar battery storage has become even more valuable under California’s new net metering policy because it allows you to store your excess solar generation for your own use instead …

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solar water irrigation

Can Solar Power an Irrigation System?

Solar panels can power any equipment that runs on electricity, including irrigation systems. If you run a cannabis farm or growing operation in the Emerald Triangle, a solar powered-irrigation system is an excellent investment. Solar panels will give you the consistently reliable power you need to run your irrigation systems while freeing you from the …

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off grid solar panel above a kitchen garden

The Ultimate Guide to Off-Grid Solar Installation in California

If you dream of cutting ties with your utility company once and for all, you’re not alone. More and more Californians are moving away from the grid to avoid rising electricity rates and unstable reliability. Installing off-grid solar panels makes it possible to generate your own electricity without any dependence on the main electric grid. …

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residential digital power supply meter on blue exterior

What Does NEM 3.0 Mean for Solar Installation in California?

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) unanimously approved the long-anticipated Net Energy Metering (NEM) 3.0 on December 15, 2022. This controversial decision will bring major changes to net metering in California.  In this blog, we’ll explain what’s happening to net metering in California and what the changes mean for your home solar installation.  Net Energy …

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