Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Go Solar in 2024

With recent changes in net metering policies and other struggles with the conversion to renewable energy, many homeowners are wondering if solar panels are still worth it in California in 2024. At Six Rivers Solar, we say yes!

Not only are electricity rates getting out of control, but extreme weather conditions and an increase in demand have made the electric grid less reliable than ever. Residential solar panels offer a way to be in control of your power by creating your own with energy from the sun.

Six Rivers Solar has installed thousands of solar energy systems for homeowners on the North Coast and we’ve seen the benefits first-hand. We’ve rounded up the top reasons our customers are going solar in 2024 and why we think you should too. 

1.  Electricity Costs are Rising Fast 

Whether you get electricity from PG&E, Redwood Coast, or another provider, it’s no secret that electricity rates have been steadily increasing for years. PG&E just announced a rate increase that will make them the most expensive electricity provider in California, and another increase is coming in March. If you’re fed up, you need to go solar now! Solar power allows you to generate your own electricity so you can free yourself from the grid and save money. 

Six Rivers Solar installs both grid-tied and off-grid solar systems, both of which can help keep you protected from the high cost of electricity. Solar panels won’t just protect you from today’s electricity costs either, they’ll lock in your rates for the next 25+ years!

2.  Solar Installation Costs are Dropping 

It’s never been more affordable to install solar panels! According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the cost of a solar panel installation in California has gone down by 42% over the past 10 years. 

3.  Backup Power is Becoming a Necessity

With extreme heat, increased electricity consumption, and wildfires threatening the electric grid, the need for backup power is becoming abundantly clear. If you don’t have a backup power source for your home yet, now is the time to install one before it’s too late. With solar panels and battery storage, you will be protected against blackouts and able to keep your essentials running during an emergency. 

Solar batteries store the excess energy that your panels create so that you have access to free electricity 24/7, even at night when your panels aren’t producing. Not only does this help to give you reliable backup power, but it can also help you avoid costly time-of-use (TOU) rates and gain true energy independence. 

4.  We Need to Reduce Carbon Emissions Now 

Solar energy is a renewable source that doesn’t produce greenhouse gas emissions or air pollution, making it both better for the environment and safer for our future generations. Renewable energy’s vital role in slowing the effects of climate change will only grow over the coming years.

California is also making a significant push for carbon neutrality and aiming to achieve net zero carbon by 2045. With this goal there are new, and soon-to-be, regulations requiring home electrification, which is the process of converting all of a home’s appliances to run on electricity. Solar panels can drastically help lower the cost of running your all-electric home.

5.  Solar Energy Systems Are Eligible for Incentives

One of the great things about installing a solar energy system on your home is that both solar panels and batteries are eligible for incentives. The most lucrative solar incentive available in the North Coast right now is the federal solar tax credit, which allows homeowners to reduce their federal tax liability by 30% of the total cost for installation. 

The solar tax credit can be claimed when you file your annual taxes for the year your system was installed. Grid-tied and off-grid solar systems are eligible for the tax credit along with battery backup systems over 3 kWh. The solar tax credit has no annual limit and if the credit is worth more than what you owe, the remaining balance will be rolled over to the following year. 

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