Hybrid Grid-Battery Solar

Hybrid Grid-Battery System: solar panels can charge batteries or feed the grid.  Additionally the grid can charge batteries during non-peak hours for use in more expensive peak hours or during blackouts.

Why Choose Hybrid Grid-Battery?

Why a system with battery back-up instead of Grid-Tied Solar only?

Energy Independence

  • Automatically shifts to battery power during power interruptions.

    • Maintains all computer and phone communications

    • No food spoilage due to extended power outages

    • Keeps sewer pumps and other critical equipment functioning

Time Shifting Strategy

  • Saves twice as much money by Time of Use (TOU) strategy

    • Program inverter to operate from battery power during peak hours (12:00-6:00pm)

    • Bank all of the solar production at highest peak rates

    • Charge batteries during cheapest off peak rates

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